Gen 5 Camaro vs. Hellcat

In early July, we introduced Katech’s first 416ci LS3 short block engine. Since we introduced the engine, we have had a lot of questions from Corvette and Camaro owners about its power and performance. Of course, with more than 40 years of experience building precision engines, we stand firmly behind the fact that naturally aspirated, the 416 will produce 600 horsepower. Boosted, it will produce 900+ horsepower. That said, we went a step further, installing the short block into my Gen 5 Camaro. We then went hunting.

After a brief run in with a Corvette, I came across a Hellcat that was ready to play. We had a rolling start as we merged onto the freeway from about 30 mph. The Hellcat got a slight jump, but it didn’t take long for me to roll back up to him, and from there, we were dead even to 145 mph. After our spirited drive, I got a thumbs up from the Hellcat owner who seemed surprised I was able to run with him. My Katech 416 short block is completed with K-501 cam-ported heads and their High volume oil pump. With preexisting headers, cold air induction intake and an aftermarket converter, this engine is right at home in my Camaro with a stellar install by Katech.

Here’s a short video to let you see and hear how the engine sounds.

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